“When I think about my vision for the future, as an artist at this crossroad in time, it becomes obvious to me that my greatest desire is to bring as much beauty into the world as possible and in doing so inspire others.”

ElementalJineen is fascinated by the paradigm shift that is taking place all around us. She believes creativity is the language of the soul; essential to our well-being and instrumental in the way we approach positive planetary changes.

Her desire is to awaken creativity, intuition and consciousness in herself and others. Whether through her own art, private art classes, group workshops or crop circle presentations, she shares her joy and passion for life.

“My idea of beauty is the natural world. I am awed by the diverse and infinite array of nature, from the intricate patterns of a tiny flower to majestic dolphins swimming in the big blue sea. The ebb and flow of all life is truly magical to me.”

The elemental essence in Jineen’s paintings takes the viewer on a journey into her vision of the world, sharing the excitement and wonder that ignites her creativity.

“Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the essential Spirit that unites them all…. Jineen’s seemingly effortless, colorful and flowing artwork summons forth the primal elements that resonate in the eye and soul.” – Bill Strubb