“I just love Jineen’s artwork……she has the rare gift of combining gorgeous colours and floating form,  allowing the spiritual essence of the subject matter to simply flow through”. – Denni Clark

“Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the essential Spirit that unites them all….Jineen’s seemingly effortless, colorful and flowing artwork summons forth the primal elements that resonate in the eye and soul.” – Bill Strubb

“Jineen’s art has a sweeping and blending quality that evokes and reminds one of the intertwining of spiritual and earthly realms ,yet does so in an understated way that adds gentle energy with the colors of jewels to the space it inhabits.” – Derek Viner

Dear Jineen,
I want to let you know how beautiful and inspirational your art is!!!! I love the vibrant colors and images that allow us to participate in entering mystery with awe and wonder.  So eager to see what you will continue to create.  You have a wonderful language of art, expressing an invitation into the Unknown.

– Elizabeth Rossen

“I love Jineen Cronin’s art almost as much as I love Jineen Cronin.

In my living room is an exquisite geometric water colour. It is, like all her work, simultaneously disciplined and sensual. It has been a lovely feature of my life for over a year now and it, daily, adds to my happiness.” – Michael Glickman

“Jineen Cronin’s standout paintings speak to elusive ethereal realms. In viewing them, I have seen the timeless, light headed visions of renewal.

I find the intimacy of her bold work exciting and look forward to her future series, which I hope continue to symbolise humanity’s’ enigmatic relationship with the natural world.” – Daniel Rozman

“Jineen and her soulful artwork have been a wonderful part of my life since the mid 1980’s when we met on the island of Jamaica. Over the decades, I have watched Jineen follow her passions and gather inspiration from the beauty of the islands with sweet sounds of Reggae music to her call to swim with wild dolphin and most recently her adventures in England where she studies the crop circle phenomenon.”

“Jineen has painted some extraordinary pieces. I consider them all to be a ‘calling of spirit’. Her art is refreshing and profound. I love the few pieces I have and look forward to collecting more.” – Dawn Reilly

Dear Jineen,

Your inspired images bring me into the world of nature in ways that I could’ve only imagined. I see nature in an entirely new light, flowing, spilling, becoming, forming all in front of my eyes.

Your paintings are alive,thriving and pulsing with movement. They spark the divine within me and send me into dimensions where I am free to soar!

Thank you for these beautiful gifts.

– Carolena Martin

Jineen’s artwork stokes me BIG time.  Her colors in combination with phenomenally creative use of sacred geometry and crop circles makes me happy in the most unpredictable ways!  I feel incredibly good when I see her artwork, I feel alive and vibrant within my own being!

Like a flower offers its essence without struggle, Jineen’s paintings are an effortless extension of HER unique spark of the Divine!

– Meredith Holcomb M Yoga Studio

Dear Jineen,

I love your art work!  There is such a wonderful “flow” and energy to it.  It’s almost as if there is music playing in the background.  Your colors are soothing but exciting at the same time.  I do feel a healing presence in all your beautiful creations.  Keep up the good work.

– Sincerely, Geraldine Barrow, fellow watercolor artist and teacher.