“I absolutely crave painting with watercolors! Some of my best moments are at the beginning of a new painting, when I am dipping the brush into fresh paint, whether it be a sunny yellow, a rosy red or a tantalizing turquoise. The excitement I feel as I swirl the fresh color across wet paper is pure bliss! I never know what to expect. It simply flows. Then the colors begin to speak to me, showing me what to create. I love it!”


Jineen Cronin

Jineen Cronin is a visionary artist. Her work stirs deep emotions.

Raised in New York City, Jineen spent endless hours in museums and art galleries. Even then, she felt the tangible impact that paintings can have. The consciousness, the unseen energy, the spiritual sense embodied in the art are what drive Jineen to paint.

Leaving St. Leo’s University with a fine arts degree, Jineen went on to explore the world. Teaching art to children in Jamaica came next, where she was inspired by the tropical colors of the island.

Her love for swimming with wild dolphins took Jineen from the Florida Keys to California, Hawaii and New Zealand, the influences which can be seen in her artwork.

Jineen’s spritual studies and passion for sacred geometry naturally led her to England to explore the crop circle phenomenon. Since 2004 she has spent each summer in Wiltshire immersed in studying these intriguing mysteries and drawing inspiration for her paintings.

Carolena Martin wrote, “Your inspired images bring me into the world of nature in ways that I could’ve only imagined. They spark the divine within me and send me into dimensions where I am free to soar.”